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Thank you for choosing the Blue Lightning Track Club – Where Champions Are Made!  

Complete the registration form below for a Team Membership or Training package.  The head coach will contact you shortly. We look forward to meeting you and coaching your Champion during the 2018 season.

Register Blue Lightning Track Club Team Membership

Full 2018 Season

– Winter – 3 indoor competitive meets
– Spring – 6 competitive developmental meets
– Summer – 7 Competitive local and national meets, including the Junior Olympics

Each Membership Season Includes

– Coaching and athlete development.
– Track & field event skills training.
– Running form.
– Speed, strength and endurance training.
– speed fundamentals.
– speed skill development.
– core work
– hydration and nutrition guides.
– supplemental training resources
– track bag – team t-shirt
– membership to BLTC website and supplemental training resources.

*Note: Team uniform, sweat suit, meet competition fees, and travel are not included in the cost of the membership

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