2020 Club Memberships

Due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic and social distancing measures, our Summer Track competition schedule is currently on hold.  However, we have extended our Live Stream Coaching and Run Fast Program to youth athletes anywhere who want to increase their sprint speed.

Need a Coach / Learn How To Run Faster

Only 9 Slots Remaining!

Summer Track Season
Practice begins May 1
Track Club Membership
Coaching & Development
6 meets (Junior Olympic Series)
Track & Field Fundamentals
Speed and Endurance
Strength & Core Training
Max Velocity Training
Middle Distance Training
Starting Blocks
Relay Training
Field Events
Hydration & Nutrition Guides
Supplemental Training Resources
Link to Action Photos

**Note: Team warm-ups, meet competition fees, and travel are not included in the cost of the membership. Team competition uniforms are included with the All-Seasons Club Membership.**

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